Guiding Format to Prospective Authors

g. Articles submitted and accepted for publication must be written in line with the following manuscript format: title, abstract, key words, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions/recommendations, References.
h. To ensure anonymity of authors, all the articles/manuscripts must be reviewed in anonymous format at the exclusion of author(s) name and his or her affiliations. We want to assure all authors that our team of editors relies heavily on reviewers’ judgment in the review process, though the editors are not bound by them. In this process, only the title of the papers/articles appears on the manuscripts. This decision is essentially to protect the anonymity of the authors. We also want to assure all authors that in as much as we promise to do our best to get manuscripts scrutinized for publications, members of the editorial team and reviewers are not held responsible for any manuscripts rejected for lack of merit, even after the cost of review has been paid. Whatever decision that is taken on any author(s)’ manuscript would be communicated to respective authors within the shortest possible time. Decisions to be taken on each article takes three different forms: article(s) can be accepted without corrections, resubmitted with major/minor corrections and may be totally accepted or rejected. In case of a rejected manuscript, we shall be free to discuss with the author(s) if they so wish, they may still be given the opportunity for a reproduction. Successful authors would have to pay their publication fee(s) within a week after receiving the payment request.


Confluence Journal of Environmental Studies, Department of Geography, Kogi State University,Anyigba